Nordic Music Guide

In the beginning of 2020, RPM Records has taken an initiative to map every active record label in Nordic countries, starting in Denmark. To our knowledge, this is the first and only interactive record label map of Nordic region and we are very keen to make it as detailed as possible in the nearest future.

As from the 1st of September 2020, Nordic Music Guide displays 100 record labels in Denmark. Every marker includes a Discogs link to enrich your exploration.This is just a beginning, the map will be updated on an ongoing basis and other Nordic countries will be cataloged in the coming months.

The mapping of record labels and the definition about who is qualified for the record label map followed specific criteria. Thus, only record labels that released music on vinyl in the last 5 years are qualified for the record label map. If you think your record label qualifies for this map, or you would like to add a sub-label, please get in touch and help us draw an accurate map of Scandinavian music, that vinyl diggers around the world could explore.


Required Information: Approximate Address, Discogs Link.

Enjoy your exploration, find new music!